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Sing. Play. Produce.

Whether you play, sing, sample or produce, Session Masters puts you in complete control. You get all of the masters, which were recorded in HD at a sample rate of 96 and 48k and are compatible with virtually any recording and editing software including Pro Tools, Digital Performer, and Logic 8. Sheet music for all parts across 10 tunes are also included.

Record your own solos or jump into the rhythm section and comp for Larry and Jeff’s solos. Write lyrics and add a vocal part to any of the ten tunes. Add strings, percussion, horn parts or compose entirely new melodies over the rhythm sections – you’re in the producer’s seat!

A 10-camera, multi-angle video library of the actual sessions steps you through the rundown with the musicians, the recording session itself with Larry and Csaba’s creative and production commentary for all ten tunes.