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The Larry Carlton masters were recorded in Pro Tools HD at a sample rate of 96k. All the Pro Tools files also include a mastered reference mix of the songs sync’d up with the other tracks.  Those reference tracks will be in ‘mute’ position when the tracks are first opened in Pro Tools (to avoid blowing up your speakers :-). Given that Pro Tools 002 and 003 interfaces support 96k sample rates, no conversion was done to 48k.

The songs are also converted to both Digital Performer and Logic 8 in both 96k and 48k formats. 96k versions simply have the song name as the title;  48k versions add “48k” to that title. All track names, markers, and layouts are identical.  The master reference mixes are also included in all DP and Logic versions; like the Pro Tools versions, those tracks will be muted when the file is first opened up.

Users can simply select the right program and sample rate for their setup and get right to work – nothing to import or adjust – everything’s ready to go!  All tracks that were cut to a click will sync up with DP’s or Logic’s internal click.  96k audio files will be found in the “audio files” folder of each DP or Logic session; 48k audio files in Logic files were imported into a separate folder labeled “48k audio files”.

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