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Larry Carlton Session Masters

Every musician and producer dreams about getting a chance to collaborate professionally with their favorite artists and top session players. Up until now, the associated costs and logistics make that an impossible dream for all except the most accomplished and well-connected professionals. Session Masters makes that dream not only possible, but incredibly affordable.

The brainchild of Larry Carlton, Csaba Petocz and Robert Williams, Session Masters gives amateurs and professionals alike the opportunity to record and collaborate with top artists, producers and session players. Even better for those with professional pursuits, Session Masters revolutionary licensing and publishing approach allows collaborators to package, promote and sell the resulting music however they wish.

Session Masters partnered with TrueFire to craft and manage the interactive experience. TrueFire documented the original recording sessions with ten cameras, which captured every nuance of the players’ performances in the tracking room as well as the producer and engineers’ activities in the control room. To provide a “next best thing to being there” experience, TrueFire designed an online streaming video Session Player that puts the viewer in the director’s chair allowing them to switch to any of the ten cameras angles at will. The Session Player also features controls for practice rhythm tracks, sheet music, zoom, looping and a variety of other handy functions.

Session Masters includes all of the tools and guidance required to produce, package, promote and market an original music project in today’s exciting new music business.

Your Dream Session.

Session Masters puts YOU in the studio alongside 3-time Grammy winner Larry Carlton with top-notch session players Jeff Babko on keys, Travis Carlton on bass and Toss Panos on percussion.

In the control room, hit-maker Csaba Petocz dials in the perfect mix for your standout performance on 10 original tunes written by Larry Carlton exclusively for Session Masters.

Pull out one of the player’s parts altogether and replace it with your own. Lay down vocals, add guitar parts, double up the drums, bring in your own horn section, sample, edit, cut, paste or rearrange the tunes completely – it’s your dream session!

Sing. Play. Produce.

Whether you play, sing, sample or produce, Session Masters puts you in complete control. You get all of the masters, which were recorded in HD at a sample rate of 96 and 48k and are compatible with virtually any recording and editing software including Pro Tools, Digital Performer, and Logic 8. Sheet music for all parts across 10 tunes is also included.

Record your own solos or jump into the rhythm section and comp for Larry and Jeff’s solos. Write lyrics and add a vocal part to any of the ten tunes. Add strings, percussion, horn parts or compose entirely new melodies over the rhythm sections – you’re in the producer’s seat!

A 10-camera, multi-angle video library of the actual sessions steps you through the rundown with the musicians; the recording session itself; and Larry and Csaba’s creative and production commentary for all ten tunes.

Promote. Market. Sell.

Everything you create with Session Masters tracks is YOUR music. Record a song or produce an entire album (your credits will be quite impressive). Promote and sell your music online, at gigs, in stores, wherever and however you wish. Do it for the bragging rights and experience, or go for the Grammy!

Your Session Masters includes expert instruction to help you through every step. We’ll teach you how to license the publishing, master your music, duplicate, package, distribute online, promote to radio and market your finished project.